Principal’s Update

Principal’s Update Thank you for your interest in the Sugar Hill Academy of Talent and Career Development. Sugar Hill is a magnet school designed for students who have an interest in beginning to explore options for their future. Students who are curious, who are original thinkers, and who are open to discovering their gifts in a creative educational setting are prime candidates for this program. The program provides three levels of implementation through a parallel curriculum model: Exposure, Cluster Groups, and Service Learning. Children will have exposure to different fields of study in each grade level. For example, 1st grades have the opportunity to explore Agriculture, Public Safety, and Transportation while 5th graders have exposure to Finance, Government, and Information Technology. These career topics are integrated into the required curriculum standards for Georgia for each subject area. Exposure also includes several engaging field trips in each grade level each year such as a trip to the State Capitol, to the Atlanta Aquarium, and to Lego Land. Second, students also have the chance to sign up for and participate in cluster groups by interest during school, before school, and after school. All of these programs are free and include choices such as Computer Coding, Knitting, STEM Kids, Social Science Club, Choir, Art Studio, Basic Mechanics, Reading Bowl, Fitness Kids and many others. Finally, students have the chance to participate in age-appropriate service learning activities that help them learn the soft skills that they need to be successful in today’s job market. Some examples of service learning activities include, serving as a school ambassador, running the School Store in the morning, sending care packages to those serving in the military in the community, filling the ice cream orders each day, and reading to younger children. Our goal for all TAC students before they leave for middle school is to achieve self-awareness and to develop a self-vision for their future. Parents are an integral part of the success of this program. They commit to a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer work a year, and if they live outside of the Sugar Hill zone, provide transportation for their children to and from school. In return, Sugar Hill provides opportunities to thrive in an environment where students can explore talents, interests, and possible career pathways.
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